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The leaders visited Dongda

     on November 27, the assistant mayor of zibo, Zhuangming, secretary-general of Zibo XueFuMin and the CEO of Blue star dongda company, Wangjiwen and other leaders visited and guided dongda of shanghai.They visited the office regional, production workshop, laboratory of polyether and laboratory of doctor Du. The chairman of Dongda shanghai Dongjianguo introducted the development and product of Dongda, ShangHai for everyone. Everybody watched the ppt of DongDa ShangHai in meeting room. On the meeting, the mayor Zhuang said that Dongda company was the model in shanghai where the controlling corporation in Zibo. Other leader were confirmed the performance of DongDa company and wished that our company could developed further and better.
     Dongda, make our customer's life better! Dongda, make our family's life better!
                                      the chairman xu introduce product for guests

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